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alternative energyStrategicAlternativeEnergy.com is a part of an overall strategy to provide Individuals and small building and home owner a variety of options, choices and methods to improve and upgrade the way energy is created and used by individuals and families. 

The ultimate goal is to provide our children and their children's children a world where we generate all our energy without oil or toxic pollutants. A world where we use the entire range of renewable energy resources to power our world - Sun - Wind - Water - Earth.

It may seem hopeless at the moment, the energy supply from oil is dwindling, and the environmental destruction to get more is expanding at an alarming rate. Any alternatives seem to be held tighly by those who have no real interest in allowing the common man to use them, except at a steep price and under their complete control. 

But it is not hopeless, there are many ways to drop our energy consumption and create renewable supplies that are independent of any meter. This helps both our environment and our wallets at the same time. Up until this point, the public seems willing to allow big business to solve the mess that big business and the oil companies have gotten us into.

But the technology does not have to be held tightly by the multi-National corporately sponsored scientist, whose solution is always more highly developed technology. Big Busines will provide a solution, but only after spending billioins in taxpayer grants and tax write-offs. Then it can see huge profits from both the original expense at purchase but even more so the heavy costs of maintaining the equipment - sales AND service. Right now, we need to generate solar, wind and water electricity on our own personal basis in the near term and then learn to create, store and burn hydrogen safely, not create elaborate and expensive fuel cells.

No, many of the answers we need to become energy independent of oil and non-renewable resources have already been tried and thoroughly tested. They can be implemented at the home and individual level, they don't need big busines's approval or interference. Most of the ones suggested both here and through our listed resources were in service and economically viable in the early 1900s! and Then they were stifled by the sudden lower cost that made cheap oil our main and only economically viable energy source. The huge energy interests of the various Multi-Nationals who peddle this environmental killer are more interested in their economic power and control than in your power requirements or your environment.

Come join us on this exploration of alternative energy resources and opportunities, there are quite a number that can be impelemented now and will drop your carbon footprint and your dependence on oil at the same time.

Even more important, join in the discussion of all energy issues at the social website designed for those wishing to discuss their strategies and activities in makin our world one with abundant energy without oil at StrategicAlternativeEnergy.net Make friends, create energy networks and most important, we need every voice and ounce of brains pooled together if we are to ever solve our energy needs for the future and keep our planet green and blue!

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