Added: Oct 17, 2012

From: Scott's Bass Lessons

Duration: 20:33

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Ramon Rosario Says:

Aug 14, 2014 - Veeeeryyy profectional

Luis Rodriguez Says:

Aug 24, 2014 - this is a great lesson, thanks!

Soviet Comrade Says:

Aug 25, 2014 - I think he needs glove to make short sound so glove is kinda muting the strings

Joel Nicholas Says:

Aug 27, 2014 - Hi there! Does string action play a role in left hand slapping for ghost notes? I can't seem to play without hammering on notes cause my action is too low. Thanks!

job wladimir rosales yagual Says:

Aug 22, 2014 - thanksssssssssssssssssss¡¡¡¡¡¡ hablo español :D but i understend your video :D

Troy Fernandez Says:

Aug 19, 2014 - Awesome man. Iv incorporated slap bass into my style. I play in a metal band and if get the right tone, it works really well. 

RoBoTwItHuMaNhAiR Says:

Aug 31, 2014 - Someone's sleeping!!! XD

Ian Parker Says:

Jun 9, 2014 - This helped me with my guitar slap thanks!!

javier pagano Says:

Aug 30, 2014 - Thank you...!!! 

Turpin Ken Says:

Aug 27, 2014 - louis johnson don't do the same hand movement in his methd , so why do we have to rotate our right hand for a good slapping ? (i prefer the louis johnson slap sound, more percussiv, wooten sound like ... shit.) but thank you for the donna lee method :) (excuse me im french, french = bad english)

Radhastami Dasa Says:

Aug 27, 2014 - Thank you so much. I've learned playing bass with your videos, they are very usefull :)

Drago Nova Says:

Sep 6, 2014 - Why does he wear that thing over his hand?

Andrea Flieger Says:

Sep 7, 2014 - The best bass teacher i've ever had, i must say. 

ovelha Bass Says:

Sep 12, 2014 - why do you use that glove on his left hand is it to fluff the sound?

Blessa Chong Says:

Sep 8, 2014 - It's stressful to learn slap bass... Thanks, you're the best bass teacher.

Jeff Napier Says:

Sep 14, 2014 - Very informative! Thanks Scott! I'm trying to learn this on a 5 string. Is it tougher, because few folks I see playing slap are using anything above 4 string basses. Must be a reason...

TheSchoggisauce Says:

Jul 14, 2014 - very good lessons, keep up the good work! :)

Cheldina Sylverain Says:

Jul 25, 2014 - what bassline was he playing at 0:24

Austin Dunn Says:

Aug 4, 2014 - glove on the fretting hand? would've expected it on picking

Michael Stoneham Says:

May 18, 2014 - how do you slap the A string with your thumb without hitting the E string its hard. should explain that. I find when i play the A string it is to quite. and i can't hammer on properly. 

bogoid Says:

Mar 30, 2014 - My second bass teacher was into funk, a hell of a beast when it came to slap. Now I find you, a master of the slap technique... You know what you both have in common? you and my teacher are bald :P that's the secret!!

Joel Joshua Andrew Says:

Aug 23, 2014 - I think I need a comfortable bass to practice this.

Ayrat musikMan Says:

Aug 13, 2014 - and why do you need gloves?

Andrei Quilondrino Says:

Sep 1, 2014 - is this slap can work in acaustic?

Edib Musovic Says:

Aug 26, 2014 - This guitar is..? Thanx!