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From: Scott's Bass Lessons

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rainsinichi Says:

Oct 24, 2014 - thanks for the tutorial sir..I remember there's a time when I asked my friend to teach me how to do these slaps, he slapped me in the face [literally] and left with silence. greetings from Philippines =)

Joy Grifoni Says:


Graphic Society Says:

Nov 4, 2014 - Dude your videos are great but toooo long. The first 3.5 minutes are not even necessary. It's more productive if it's shorter, try it please.

Andrew Saurus Says:

Dec 21, 2014 - Professor X!

Adam Lutz Says:

Dec 9, 2014 - Scott-ception

Daniel Bradler Says:

Oct 29, 2014 - what king of glove do you use and why do you use the glove?is ths a better way to play bass?give that a better sound?

asgeir aunli Says:

Nov 27, 2014 - But how do i avoid hitting the other strings with my thumb?

Luis Cosme Says:

Oct 7, 2014 - can't wait to go home from work to start this! 

Simone Caselli Says:

Dec 13, 2014 - too fast for me .... ;)

Mark Miller Says:

Dec 15, 2014 - Thankyou Scott!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan Reaume Says:

Nov 9, 2014 - You know I've been playing bass for years and I could never figure out why everyone could slap but when I did it it sounded like a hot mess. This lesson actually helped me realize my mistake and I became actually pretty good at it. Thank you so much for this video it has impacted my playing significantly, I can now confidently slap my thumb against my strings in public. :)

Chris LaVey Says:

Nov 25, 2014 - I'm a guitar player, but the idea of slap bass makes me want to become more affluent in bass. I just love the way it sounds. I've always wondered what the technique was. I found your lesson to be very helpful. Thank you. 

matthew seward Says:

Nov 27, 2014 - Does anyone know what kind of bass that is he's playing? The logo is too small for me to read.

Erik Wijaya Says:

Dec 7, 2014 - Hi, what you use in your left hand? I have a disease called hyperhidrosis, that make my hand and my foot always sweaty and it disturb me when playing bass.. I need it thanks :D

Tonya Reed Says:

Oct 7, 2014 - I have been playing for a couple of years now, and have been working all of my scales and modes and can move around the neck pretty okay now. My band mates have been asking me when I was going to learn to slap, so I figured I would give it a try. I am having some trouble with my left hand and muting the strings. I play a five string bass ,so the neck is pretty wide and the strings are closer together which I like. But for slap do most use a 4 string bass, or it just simply getting that left hand used to the mute no matter how many strings?

Jose Vega Says:

Dec 15, 2014 - I've been a "slap-monkey" for over 20 years. Thank you for adding a realistic application. Slap Grooves are like ketchup or hot sauce. A little goes a long way.

Blitzpunk de Says:

Nov 17, 2014 - Best training vid in a long time. Sadly its too late for me

Brandon Vu Says:

Dec 8, 2014 - Hi. Whenever I'm plucking, I find myself pressing my thumb on the E string to help my plucking finger. Is this wrong? Because I feel that I'm taking unnecessary time to lay my thumb down and the pattern isn't going consistently. Is this a habit I have to break?

Bernardo Salles Says:

Nov 6, 2014 - I dont know how to thank this guy...thank you so much! from heart. =).

Daryl Zihyer Says:

Nov 12, 2014 - Hey Scott, can you break down how you're ripping the 1/16th notes on the short lead in you do at 18:07 or so? Is that a double pluck, alternating pinky thumb or something your doing with ring, pinky and thumb slap combined? Thanks!

icycolds Says:

Dec 2, 2014 - DAYUM this sounds so great 

Olly Satoer Says:

Nov 30, 2014 - Playing now for almost 36 year the bass guitar, I also discribe Scott's opinion about slapping. Learn first the theorie of chords. Youngsters likes to start playing bass guitar only by slapping. While it should be by just doing blues chords and riffs and harmonics. Even better Jazz harmonics. Than you have the best basics to fill in your style of playing with slapping bass fill ins. (As a dynamic variation in your music, see also Scotts funky riff without slapping, that is what I mean, vary this riff with slapping, than this technique will be much higher appreciated by your audience). Kind bass regards, Olly (Holland-Europe).

bogoid Says:

Mar 30, 2014 - My second bass teacher was into funk, a hell of a beast when it came to slap. Now I find you, a master of the slap technique... You know what you both have in common? you and my teacher are bald :P that's the secret!!

Jeffrey Wheaton Says:

Dec 22, 2014 - Have you ever done a lesson where you go over easy ways to remember the entire fret board. if you have can you please direct me to the vid. Thanks. 

Brutusque Says:

Dec 15, 2014 - Sort of hard to tell from the video, when doing the pluck with your index finger. Are you like pulling extra hard on the string so that it bounces back at the fret? That seems to be the only way i can get it to make that sound