Added: Oct 17, 2012

From: Scott's Bass Lessons

Duration: 20:33

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Collin VdW Says:

Nov 8, 2014 - Do I have to tune my bass back to slap or can I do it in the E key?

MagnaVocem Says:

Nov 6, 2014 - Why are all awesome slap bassists bald? I'm only starting to lose my hair... does this mean I'm destined to be awesome like you?

Evan Reaume Says:

Nov 9, 2014 - You know I've been playing bass for years and I could never figure out why everyone could slap but when I did it it sounded like a hot mess. This lesson actually helped me realize my mistake and I became actually pretty good at it. Thank you so much for this video it has impacted my playing significantly, I can now confidently slap my thumb against my strings in public. :)

Ruben Amavisca Says:

Nov 6, 2014 - i hear someone breathing in the recording.... 

Austin Dunn Says:

Aug 4, 2014 - glove on the fretting hand? would've expected it on picking

TheLateralParabol Says:

Nov 3, 2014 - Been playing bass for about 2 years and I still have problems slapping. Thanks for the video.

Daryl Zihyer Says:

Nov 12, 2014 - Hey Scott, can you break down how you're ripping the 1/16th notes on the short lead in you do at 18:07 or so? Is that a double pluck, alternating pinky thumb or something your doing with ring, pinky and thumb slap combined? Thanks!

Michael Stoneham Says:

May 18, 2014 - how do you slap the A string with your thumb without hitting the E string its hard. should explain that. I find when i play the A string it is to quite. and i can't hammer on properly. 

Andra Amaverist Says:

Nov 18, 2014 - terima kasih banyak ! 

bogoid Says:

Mar 30, 2014 - My second bass teacher was into funk, a hell of a beast when it came to slap. Now I find you, a master of the slap technique... You know what you both have in common? you and my teacher are bald :P that's the secret!!

Joel Joshua Andrew Says:

Aug 23, 2014 - I think I need a comfortable bass to practice this.

Dan Brown Jr Says:

Nov 16, 2014 - My Dog! YES!

Chris LaVey Says:

Nov 25, 2014 - I'm a guitar player, but the idea of slap bass makes me want to become more affluent in bass. I just love the way it sounds. I've always wondered what the technique was. I found your lesson to be very helpful. Thank you. 

Ayrat aerobass Says:

Aug 13, 2014 - and why do you need gloves?

ovelha Bass Says:

Sep 12, 2014 - why do you use that glove on his left hand is it to fluff the sound?

Ethan Pieper Says:

Sep 23, 2014 - Quick question: is the pluck/pop done with the finger plucking the string or a pull of the wrist? I'm pretty confident with the accuracy and sound of my thumb, but my pluck is weak and sends my hand into a crazy flight away from my strings (if that makes sense). 

Luis Cosme Says:

Oct 7, 2014 - can't wait to go home from work to start this! 

Andrei Quilondrino Says:

Sep 1, 2014 - is this slap can work in acaustic?

Nicky Madd Says:

Sep 21, 2014 - gloves are gay

Cheldina Sylverain Says:

Jul 25, 2014 - what bassline was he playing at 0:24

iceehi Says:

Oct 1, 2014 - 18:28.. what's the name of that harmony thing? How is it done? So good... ahh

Bernardo Salles Says:

Nov 6, 2014 - I dont know how to thank this guy...thank you so much! from heart. =).

Edib Musovic Says:

Aug 26, 2014 - This guitar is..? Thanx!

Daniel Bradler Says:

Oct 29, 2014 - what king of glove do you use and why do you use the glove?is ths a better way to play bass?give that a better sound?

Blitzpunk de Says:

Nov 17, 2014 - Best training vid in a long time. Sadly its too late for me